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There will be no services held in church until further notice, but if you would like to worship at home alongside us, you may wish to use one of these documents:

Morning Prayer

Spiritual Communion Pentecost

We say Morning Prayer every weekday and Spiritual Communion on Sundays.

Family Activity

Pentecost Worksheet


Holy Spirit, sent by the Father,
Ignite in us your holy fire;
Strengthen your children with the gift of faith,
Revive your Church with the breath of love,
And renew the face of the earth,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Please be assured of our prayers at this time, and don’t hesitate to contact us if we can do anything at all to help. Stay safe, With every blessing, Rev’d Diane, And all at St John’s

The Gospel reading for Sunday 31st May 2020 is:
John 20: 19-23



Dear Friends,

I do hope you are all continuing well in these strange days. I found myself reflecting on whether our time shut away, although longer, somehow might reflect that time the disciples spent hidden away as they waited for what God had promised. They prayed and shared in fellowship during those days of waiting and I know how much so many of you are spending time in prayer and Bible study and in fellowship as you continue to support one another with the many telephone calls. Although we have no information yet as to when churches might be opened and as to what limitations or restrictions will be required of us as we do so, there are already discussions going on as to how church will be in the future. This could be exciting as well as challenging and we may find that church is different (I know that not everybody will want to hear that!)

This Sunday – Pentecost Sunday we will be holding a 10.00am Zoom Service for Pentecost. There is a new liturgy for Spiritual Communion for Pentecost, please use this if you are not joining our Zoom service.

For children there is an activity prepared by Sarah.

Next Sunday our 10am service will be an All Age Worship Zoom service. There will be resources for Spiritual Communion online and in the post as well. For details of the Zoom service, please contact me directly.

Remember that you can contact me at any time, for details see the Contact Us page, and I love to hear from you all.